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Our Give Back Program

You Care. We Get It.

  • You care about what's best for you and your loved ones.
  • You care about the state of the world.
  • In addition, you want the ability to do something more.

Introducing RoughshodRibboniere.com's Give Back Program.

In our first conversations dreaming up this company, we decided there MUST be a component for igniting the creative spark in others.

Your purchases Give Back at least $.10 of every item sold to change lives. Built in.

Our mission at The Roughshod Ribboniere is to connect people and creativity with purpose. Basically, we are a crew of dreamers pursuing An Adventurous Artful Life®. But, dreaming is only part of any effective equation. Every day we practice the skills of goal-setting, humor, and determination.

What inspired us to launch this retail website? Every person needs the opportunity to explore and cultivate their personal creative genius. Furthermore, we believe sharing is fun! However, our sales goals would be incomplete no matter what the numbers said if our people goals fell short.

Why We Started Where We Did

We looked at basic human needs. Universally, there are five: Oxygen, Water, Food, Shelter & Sleep. For us, those were the foundational ingredients necessary for creativity to sprout wings. There are further ingredients, but these elements take precedence the world over.

In time, we want to improve lives positively in all five of these arenas. We picked one to start: Food.

We're against children going hungry

Across the world and the United States, children go home to no food. Or not enough food. Whatever the reason, no matter the cause, the effect is the same.

Empty belly + hurting body = distracted mind + destroyed potential.

The creative strength of people is an invaluable resource. When a culture loses their creative spark, horrific consequences occur. Entire societies, and sometimes whole countries, lose their ability to meet and sustain foundational needs for their people. When that happens, historically by about the third generation, the skills for how to do basic activities is forgotten.

Then, even though resources become available again, the knowledge is lost. As a result, techniques on how best to farm, quilt, sew, build, fish, or make pottery are extinct.

We experienced this firsthand. We spoke with community leaders in nations where it's no longer about if or when people will plant, sew, go to market, or build. It became a scenario where they had all forgotten how. The younger generations never learned. They were too busy, too hungry, too sick, too devastated. Whatever the reasons, finally, it was too late.

We've looked into the eyes of children who were dying in cultures like these.

Smiley, adorable children who would be dead within months. Maybe years. Dead.

Consequently, we see life differently now.

The downward cycle of cultural inheritance wasn't intercepted in time. As individuals and as a company we can't stand that. So, we're doing something about it.

Our favorite part? You're invited you to join in.

RoughshodRibboniere.com donates to 

Feeding America, Kentucky’s Heartland

Feeding America, Kentucky's Heartland Logo

Feeding America, Kentucky's Heartland (FAKH) is a regional Feeding America affiliated food bank located in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.  FAKH is responsible for serving the charitable food needs of 42 Kentucky counties in central, south central and western Kentucky.  This is accomplished through an established network of approximately 200 emergency feeding programs who feed those in need, i.e. food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, etc.

Approximately 1 in 6 people are at risk of going hungry in our service area; leading FAKH to serve roughly 175,000 people each year through their partner agencies.

They've developed an excellent strategy. 

Feeding America,Kentucky's Heartland is at the forefront of meeting food needs at their source.  The program we chose for RoughshodRibboniere.com is their Back Pack Program.  With it, need-identified school children are sent home with a bag of food each weekend during the school year.

All food items are selected to be child-friendly. In other words, children can open all packages or containers and eat without adult help. When school breakfast and lunch programs are the only times a school-aged child eats, weekends and holidays hurt.


Let's Begin, Shall We?

Feeding children across our region is just the beginning of what you can do through RoughshodRibboniere.com.

You care enough to make a difference.

Join your heart with your buying power.

Shop Happy.