Welcome to the New Black: The Roughshod Ribboniere Brand for Lifestyle, House & Home, Food, and More!


Homemade...this word embodies happiness and generosity, buttressed by intent and authenticity, and layered with care. 

Home - as in the place you are most yourself, the most loved, the most found.

Made - as in that personal touch, that spark of genius, that extra mile all in your favor.

Just to be clear, we're not talking about second-rate. The homemade you'll find in these pages is the best of the best. You know your aunt who won a blue ribbon at the state fair for her quilt? Her work is in here. You know the Michigan firefighter who made the best toffee E.V.E.R and couldn't keep up with holiday demand? His son helped turn it into a Forbes 30 Under 30 business...and they're in here. 

You'll also see furniture, hardware, and wonderful stuff to make your own house a home. Cool, huh? 

Think of The Roughshod Ribboniere as a craft festival on the world stage with major league players. Um, they would be in here.

Welcome Home.