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What is it about creating something yourself, with your own hands, that is so powerful? The mind, guided by will and passion, trains the body to work. The body learns the skills to perform judiciously, for it then changes the form of what is into what was but a vision. 

This dynamic process - handcrafting - takes as many forms as imagination has possibilities. Iron workers, after years of conquering heat and metal as their job, find they've gained the skills needed to create a piece of beauty or function. Potters take earth, water and fire - common elements to us all - and fashion a cup, a platter, or lantern. 

Handcrafting keeps us connected - not only to our self, but also the elements that are around us, the tools of our trades. We have a deep desire to create. The passionate pursuit of a vision through to fruition is an adventure, one of life's greatest gifts.