Welcome to the New Black: The Roughshod Ribboniere Brand for Lifestyle, House & Home, Food, and More!


Every product curated for The Roughshod Ribboniere made it through a rigorous selection process. You'll discover wondrous treasures. And yet, there's more. 

"L'agniappe."  It's a Louisiana word meaning "something given or obtained gratuitously or by way of good measure." We think that idea is genius, so we implemented it everywhere. Each item bought through The Roughshod Ribboniere donates a portion of its proceeds to charity through our Give Back Program. Read about it here.

In other words, you're doing more buying through us than simply exchanging money for goods. You're sending hope and help in very tangible ways with each item.

Every. Single. One.

So, go ahead. Get a bunch. Give perfect gifts to your loved ones, and feather your own nest a bit, too. You not only support the artist's who've become the best at their craft, you also give that many times over.

While our mission started out to offer handcrafted, homemade items, you'll also find other genius products made with machines by larger companies. Why? Because they've got that spark of creativity. Their products are some of the best we've found in their category. Plus, the company philosophy jives with ours: to ignite and hold sacred the creative spark inside each person all over the world, and provide the tools needed to accomplish their best.

Every person, every product, every business plan starts with an illumination - that moment where idea becomes action, where seed takes root and begins to germinate. Wherever you are on your creative journey, we invite you to join us.

We wish you the very best - An Adventurous Artful Life.