Welcome to the New Black: The Roughshod Ribboniere Brand for Lifestyle, House & Home, Food, and More!



In the beginning... When Robert and his Dad finished building our house in 2014 it was a bare shell. Robert's background is construction and for the most part, we designed and built it by ourselves with help from family and friends. Continuing in our "handcrafted home" theme, we dreamed of completely decorating with other pieces we planned to make.

Our daughter was born just before we moved in. As a much needed break, we took some time to travel first before making curtains or furniture. That's when we realized how many incredibly talented people were around us - creating ingenious products! We could fill our house with them!

The things we found were SO amazing. It didn't seem right to only have them in one house, ours. We wanted e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e to fill their lives with such greatness!

That's how we got the idea to start a business. These people with their professional skills who so impressed us deserved greater promotion, and more customers enjoying the beauty of their work. The Roughshod Ribboniere company was born.

(That's the short version.)

Our Story Today...

It's about to get REAL. Like paint, glue and ribbons real. Or steel, blowtorches and welding hoods real.

Whatever the artisan's methods, The Roughshod Ribboniere Crew has traveled far and wide to bring you a sack full of the most artistic, creative, inspirational and functional goods all in one big happy marketplace.

Yes, you've found heaven...on earth.

You might be an artist who would like to introduce yourself and your work here or maybe you’re a business with a mission to accomplish. The Roughshod Ribboniere Newsletter is the best place to connect. You'll receive amazing news and the latest deals delivered straight to your inbox.

One Cool Point...

We believe in determination, humor and discipline. But, we've also received so much help from family, friends, and strangers along the way. That's why we developed a program to Give Back to others through our business. Simply put, TRR's Give Back Program donates a portion of every item sold to benefit someone who just needs a little help.

Shop Happy!

~Marissa and Robert