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TRR's Give Back Program

TRR's Give Back Program

Why We Love The Roughshod Ribboniere's Give Back Program

I'm glad you asked.

Here are some images that come to mind when I think about the word ABUNDANT:

  • Heaping spoonfuls of my sister's garlic cheddar smashed potatoes.
  • Closing the laptop at the end of a long day knowing the bills are paid.
  • Feeling content when I step out the door in the morning. 

My life wasn't always like that. I can't speak for you.

Pursuing a life of adventure or artistry means walking along the edge. It's working a day job while creating another opportunity in your spare moments. It often takes letting go before you feel ready, but you must leap in order to fly.

Sometimes that edge is the line between where you've been and where you want to be. Your heart calls; you follow. Your bills are pushing you. Perhaps your courage is calling you.

Either way, in my own experience, those are my most exhilarating, most debilitating, most frustrating, but ultimately my most freeing moments. Can you relate at all?

I learned the most at those edges. I leaped. I fell. I grew. I flew. Every single time my toes gripped the rim of my past and my eyes focused in on the future has been worth it. However, they didn't all succeed in the ways I thought they would.

Thank God There Was Help

Humbled. That's another good word. One I relate to.

Aware. Most of YOU sacrifice daily for those you love. You make it look easy. But it isn't.

So, this is one way I can say 'thank you' to everyone who helped me throughout my life. People whose patient friendship has taught me more than they know...the list of who I am grateful for never ends. My parents. My in-laws. My sisters. My friends. Strangers who were there at the right moment and gave of their wisdom to a mere human. Me.

What is the Give Back Program Exactly?

TRR's Give Back Program is a dollar amount of every product sold which will be given away. Specifically, at least $.10 of each item comes out of the retail sales amount. More if possible, but no less.

Since the products we offer for sale on RoughshodRibboniere.com vary widely in price, we picked a number that is do-able for everyone involved. By that we mean our Artisan Vendors, You the Buyers, and the whole TRR Crew here at HQ.

Ten Cents. Do-able. Done.

Who does the Money Go To?

We do plan to continually improve the world as more people learn about The Roughshod Ribboniere. That said, we wanted to start close to home in any difference we could make first. 

Our offices are headquartered in a sweet little town tucked into the hills and hollows of South Central Kentucky, just north of Mammoth Cave National Park. Shockingly, Kentucky is the 5th poorest state in the U.S., trailed only by Alabama, Louisiana, New Mexico and Mississippi. (2015 Report)

In our county, about one in four households lives below the poverty line.

No way! That's every fifth person we see each day doesn't have the security of enough food at home.

As always, it's the children who suffer most.

Feeding America,Kentucky's Heartland is Kentucky's section of the national non-profit organization who came up with a genius program. It's called the Back Pack Program. You can read more about it here. They're working in our county and in thousands more across America.

For starters, Our Give Back program is donating to Feeding America's Back Pack Program. When school breakfast and lunch programs are the only meals a child receives, weekends and holidays hurt. Through the Back Pack Program, teachers send identified, at-risk, school-aged children home each weekend with a literal backpack. Inside it is food the students can open and eat themselves. 

Thank you

Thank you for partnering with The Roughshod Ribboniere Crew to make a difference. Little things do matter. Little, like ten cents, for example. Here in Kentucky, we find most times the little things are the big things.

At least they turn out to be. You're a part of that.



...and Robert, and the whole Roughshod Ribboniere Crew

PS. This Pocket Heart from Tater Knob Pottery is for sale on RoughshodRibboniere.com. Gift it as a reminder to someone that you're thinking of them, holding them close to your heart, or praying them through a rough time. Our idea of a perfect gift! More colors available.

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