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Perfect Valentine's Day Gifts

Perfect Valentine's Day Gifts

Dear RoughshodRibboniere.com, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

1. I love this trivet! The curling vines, triad of leaves, and the fact that my friend handcrafts these in his workshop in Kentucky. Genius!

2. And this guy. Hello! Look...he's even waving at you!

3. For the teensy-est Valentine's...I found this Love Bunny Baby Toddler Quilt. My friend Cathy and her daughter make these. They're handmade and handpainted with washable and edible paint. How cool is that?

4. & 5. Never snub your nose at great chocolate. These are two of my fave's from Dave's Sweet Tooth Toffee. Dave's Dad is a firefighter and gave the guys at the firehouse jars of this every year. Legend has it that word grew and now we all win. Go, Dave's Dad!

6. Have a Valentine that's introspective? A bit of a bookworm? Voracious Reader? I pick this pair of sculpted bookends! Designed and hand forged. Awesome.

7. Oh, yes. Sometimes, it's TIME. You know? You've been putting off (fill-in-the-blank) for long enough. Saving up, perhaps. Well, just know that your joy can now overflow. Select from artisan woodsmith Darin Caldwell's regular line, or he will build a custom creation just for you!

8. Wish you could sprinkle more care and kindness around? You can! Each handcrafted red clay Pocket Heart is individually designed, kiln-fired, and lovingly painted. Leave one on a pillow. Send another in the mail. Slip one in a hand or let them find it later in their pocket. They'll know you love them!

9. Nothing says pampering like essential oil body products. Oo-la-la!

10....and letterpress stationery especially for Valentine's Cards is so YES! Cascading waterfalls of love letters...yes, yes, yes! Write your heart out or give it anonymously. Sigh...

Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!

~Marissa and The Roughshod Ribboniere Crew


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  • Marissa Hale
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  • Robert

    This website is AWESOME!!!

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